A Teacher — A Coach
You wanted to be
That you succeeded
is clear to see
We learned so much
Being with you
The game plan you shared
Was all too true
You taught us that life
Can be so short
You coached us to smile
And to be a good sport
We feel you are near
You’re not very far
Our Teacher — Our Coach
is what you are














Joe's Story
























Joseph Norton Sheteron was born August 22, 1976, in Dayton, Ohio. He was the second child of 3. Although born in Dayton, he grew up in the small town of Cassopolis, Michigan. To everyone who knew him, grew up with him and loved him, knew that he was just about every bit of a ray of light. He was a wonderful son, brother, and friend. He loved his family more then anything and never wanted to be far away from home. Joe was definitely someone everyone wanted to be around. He had the most infectious laugh that one couldn’t help but notice. Joe was gifted with a gentle soul, a big heart and a bright future.

Joey, like all the Sheteron’s, played and loved the game of baseball. He started playing the game as young as he could and for as long as he could. Although he had such a passion for the sport, playing it as well as he wanted did not come easy. Joe had to work hard at it. Through the hard work, dedication, overcoming many tribulations and heartaches that came with the sport, he started achieving his dream of playing baseball on the collegiate level.

Joe began his college career, playing baseball at Defiance College in Defiance, Ohio. His stay was not very long. He quickly transferred to Kalamazoo Valley Community College in Kalamazoo, Michigan. He was closer to home and it was a better fit for him. He was still playing ball and loving his life. Joe was nominated most improved player his second year playing at KVCC. He then transferred to Western Michigan University, also in Kalamazoo, to continue his studies; he wanted to be a teacher. Joe came to a crossroads when he realized his talent and love for the game was served best as a baseball coach for KVCC. Not many college students can begin their career in the midst of studying for it. His dream was to return to his hometown of Cassopolis, to teach history at Ross Beatty High School and coach baseball. He was well on his way. As the assistant baseball coach for KVCC, Joe was offered the head coaching position. Although this was a wonderful opportunity, Joe turned it down. He knew he would soon be student teaching and didn’t know where that may take him. He felt it would be best to remain as an assistant. Joe understood the importance of an education and hard work. Some of Joe’s accomplishments he was most proud of in his high school career were being a member of National Honors Society and Academic All-District for two consecutive years. Education always came first.

Joe was just beginning his senior year when he made a mistake, a fatal one. At the young age of 23, his life was tragically ended because he made the decision of getting in the car with a drunk driver. The early morning of September 5, 1999, Joe and a very good friend lost their lives. His dreams of being a teacher, a coach, of someone who could make a difference in a small community were over. Their deaths rocked our hometown, our small, close community. Joe is missed with every single passing day by friends, family and those who loved him most. Life has never been the same without his angelic smile and beautiful spirit. There is a void in our family’s hearts that can never be filled. We love to share his memory, his life, and his story to anyone who is willing to listen.

With the passing of his life, our family knew his legacy had to live on. His life meant so much more than a poor decision he made that night. Joe had just begun to live his dreams and for that reason we decided to create a foundation in his name. So other deserving student athletes could live their dreams as well. We are truly blessed to have had Joe in our lives, if only for a short time, and hope to always celebrate his life.