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2016 - Dan Duebner
2015 - Rachelle Williams
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2012 - Ashlie Herman

2011 - Tommy First
2010 - Stephanie Vlasicak
2009 - Reva Ivens
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Joseph Norton Sheteron Memorial Foundation


















The Joseph Norton Sheteron Memorial Foundation was created to provide any deserving student athlete the opportunity to carry on and live their dream. The foundation provides a $4,000 scholarship to an exceptional student athlete from Joe’s high school, Ross Beatty High School. This scholarship has set and maintained a standard for qualifying students to have a GPA of at least 3.25 or higher, be a member of National Honor Society, to portray good citizenship, and must be a member of the varsity baseball or softball team; over and above all, must have a love for the game. These were all attributes that Joe carried. The foundation also contributes to the Cassopolis chapter of Students Against Destructive Driving (SADD), and Project Graduation.

In order to raise these funds the Sheteron family puts together an annual golf outing; The Joseph Norton Sheteron Memorial Foundation 4-Person Golf Scramble. We are able to raise funds by offering businesses, or person, the opportunity to purchase a promotional sign that is set out by the tee boxes of each hole. The outing also has items for silent auctions, raffles, hole prizes, hole-in-one prizes, and of course placement prizes. Most awards are donated and some are given by the foundation. And not only do we provide prizes, but we also provide food, desert, and soft drinks; however alcoholic drinks are discouraged. The money that is raised from the outings will help strengthen the JNS Foundation.

The Sheteron family has a vision of being able to reach more people than that of the small town of Cassopolis. As each year passes, we have been able to affect more lives. We don’t want that to end. Our dream is for one day to provide for young academic athletes outside of this community. We would love to have more than just one outing a year. This past year has been our most developing year to date. We are so proud of where the foundation has come from and where it’s going. The Sheteron family thanks you from the bottom of our hearts to reading Joey’s story and living in his memory. We hope to continue sharing it so everyone knows how precious life can be and is never taken for granted. With your help, and those of so many others, we are able to maintain and continue the foundation’s and Joe’s work, indefinitely. If this message hits your heart and you want to be a part of making a difference, please look into the site and see how you can help. If you want to have fun and play golf, donate for the outing, volunteer, or just simply give a gift, your presence will be recognized and appreciated.

Thank you again, for sharing his legacy.