2010 recipient

Receiving the Joseph Norton Sheteron Scholarship is such an honor to me and my family. I've always been very dedicated to school and to sports, and I put my heart and soul into everything I do. Im currently attending Kendall college of art and design, working hard towards my dreams.

Receiving this gift from the Sheteron family shows that hard work finally pays off. I know the circumstance of the scholarship is heart-breaking to the Sheteron family, but I know the memories of Joey are priceless. But I'm sure he would love to know that in his memory this scholarship is helping someone like myself get a great education and follow my dreams. I would like to thank the entire Sheteron family for their generosity its an honor to be the recipient of such an award, you will always be apart of my future and a piece to my life.

— Stephanie Vlasicak, Recipient 2010