Being a life-long resident and golfer from Cassopolis, I was very
familiar with the Joseph Norton Sheteron Scholarship and the unfortunate
accident that led to the creation of this memorial award. I've enjoyed
playing in the Sheteron golf tournament many times not only to have fun
but to support the Sheteron family and scholarship fund.

When I received the Joseph Norton Sheteron Scholarship four years ago, I
didn't truly realize what an honor it was or how valuable this award was
to my success. Receiving this prestigious award allowed me to achieve
one of my dreams to graduate with an Engineering Degree from a prominent
engineering school.

I am very grateful for the award and to honor the Joseph Norton Sheteron
Scholarship with my graduation from Rose Hulman with a Bachelor of
Science in Mechanical Engineering on May 29th, 2010.

Thank You Very Much

— Daniel Lee Stanage, Recipient 2006